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Welcome to Ilogtek

Every organization is facing immense pressure in the process of facing competition and sustaining on the path of growth track. One has to be ready with their arms in the quiver and one such powerful arm is having software that suffices for entire range of business operations. At ILOGTEK we always share the vision of our customers and closely work with their requirements and help them stay in line with their goals. ILOGTEK is hands on in taking up assignments like Customer Relationship management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Integration, e-business, and Business Intelligence (BI) as well as Outsourcing Services and other applications.

ILOGTEK with its offices in USA and India, possess a highly experienced tech savvy team with customer centric approach, at ILOGTEK focus and quality is a habit coupled with cost effectiveness and this combination is a rare culture which is hard to find with other firms of global repute. Our consultants share your vision, spirit, business strategy and processes that clients expect from a software company.

Practically it’s impossible to develop/deliver a solution to a client’s specific business need until unless we discuss with them and attain a deep understanding about their business process, how and where exactly can we add that extra value with our solution to help them improve their efficiency, without leaving a trace for any gaps that happen for overlooking the requirements. This approach has always provided an edge to our clients over their competitors who are at the end of their elbow.

Today ILOGTEK being almost a decade old company with one of the best dual-shore application management development capabilities is undoubtedly more than just any software solutions company.